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Caring, compassionate healing and veterinary services available in the comfort of your own home, kennel or farm.

In office

We work with small and large animals using conventional and complementary therapies. You and your pet will notice the difference in our unique office space. The warm and comfortable environment helps to relieve the stress and anxiety associated with the universal dread of "going to the vet".

Mobile services

In addition to appointments at our office, we provide house and barn calls. Situations where this type of appointment would benefit you and your pet could include: multi-pet households, pets that find car loading painful, and animals that experience car sickness.

Special services

We perform services such as surgeries, dentistries, ultrasounds and X-rays at a small animal clinic in Oakville.

Dr. Lisa conducts or supervises these procedures to ensure our high standard of service.


Or call (905) 690-4557